Sweet & Savoury Spreads

  • Vegemite, 220g

    Vegemite, 220g

    -yeast extractOne of Australia’s favourite sandwich spreads,Vegemite is as popular in Britain as it is Down Under. It can be simply spread on toast, added to meaty sandwiches or even mixed with hot water to make a deliciously savoury drink.

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  • Shippam's Salmon Spread, 75g

    Shippam's Salmon Spread, 75g

    For a savoury sandwich filling, Shippam’s Salmon Spread is a healthy choice and has a fab flavour the whole family will love. It can also be added to fish pies to enhance their flavour, or simply spread on hot jacket potatoes.

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  • Cadbury - Milk Chocolate Spread, 400g

    Cadbury - Milk Chocolate Spread, 400g

    Cadbury is one of the most loved confectionery brands in the world and now, on top of their wide variety of biscuits and chocolate bars, they have also created a chocolate spread. Delicious and creamy with their famous Dairy Milk chocolate taste,...

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