• Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g

    Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g

    Get together with friends, family film night or just for a special treat - share the delicious colourful fun of Nestlé® Smarties® Bag. Yummy smooth milk chocolate covered in colourful crisp sugar shells. Each bag of Smarties® contains...
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  • Nestle - Caramac, 30g

    Nestle - Caramac, 30g

    Nestle Caramac is a light and sweet tasting confectionary bar made with condensed milk. This timeless British treat was first launched in 1959 and is still going strong today. Nestle Caramac is still packaged in its distinctive yellow and red wrapping,...
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  • Mars - Maltesers, 37g

    Mars - Maltesers, 37g

    Mars Maltesers are light and airy treats that are perfect for chocolate lovers who like to indulge themselves without taking on too many calories. These melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate coated honeycomb spheres are ideal for tucking into if you are...
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  • Cadbury - Curly Wurly, 21.5g

    Cadbury - Curly Wurly, 21.5g

    The Cadbury Curly Wurly is a great chocolate snack for kids and grown-ups alike. This classic has been around since 1971, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, just imagine a caramel ladder which has been covered in delicious Cadburys Milk...
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  • Nestle - Yorkie, 46g

    Nestle - Yorkie, 46g

    Given that ladies are basically able to claim sole rights to Galaxy chocolate, it seems only fair that men can enjoy a similar monopoly on the Yorkie bar.
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  • Cadbury - Double Decker, 54.5g

    Cadbury - Double Decker, 54.5g

    Cadburys Double Decker is a hugely satisfying chocolate treat that owes its name to the two layers contained within its milk chocolate surround: the lower layer is made of cereal crispies, whilst the upper layer is yummy nougat. This brilliant...
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  • Nestle - Lion Bar, 50g

    Nestle - Lion Bar, 50g

    Nestle Lion bar is a much-loved chocolate bar comprising a satisfyingly chewy blend of caramel, wafer and nougat, all wrapped in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. Whilst many chocolate bars come in a neat and uniform design, the Lion bar owes much of its...
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