About Us



Providing you with that home away from home feeling. A U.S. based local business with a wide variety of British gifts, groceries and goods.



We are Michael and Julia Blois and we have recently bought The British Pedlar, located in Navarre at the Harvest Village complex. Michael and I emigrated to the United States with our two sons 10 years ago from the United Kingdom and we have not looked back since. All of us enjoy living in sunny Florida and we both would like to extend a huge welcome to the local community and beyond and hope that you can spare the time to visit our shop. The British Pedlar caters to British ex-Pats and the local community and we sell British produce, goods, and gifts. We can even order goods and produce for customers upon request. Both Michael and I would like to thank the previous owners, Chuck and Heather Pohlmann, for bringing a piece of Britain to this part of wonderful Florida.