• Walkers Shortbread - Three Seed Oat Crackers

    Walkers Shortbread - Three Seed Oat Crackers

    Baked using our traditional recipe perfected over the last hundred years and containing only the finest oats and pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds, these oat crackers are crispy and delicious. Baked in the Scottish Highlands, they are a perfect...

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  • Jacob's Cheddars, 150g

    Jacob's Cheddars, 150g

    Jacob's Baked Cheddar Cheese biscuits are a classic cracker, loved by all. They have a crispy texture and a light cheesy taste. These crackers are a must for any self respecting cheese lover. Jacob's Cheddars can be eaten on their own, but their real...

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  • Jacob’s Cream Crackers, 200g

    Jacob’s Cream Crackers, 200g

    Rightly labeled the original and best, Jacob's Cream Crackers were first made in 1885 and remain Britain’s favourite cream crackers. The famous orange packet has remained virtually the same for more than a century! Great with any type of cheese and...

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