• Barratt - Milk Bottles, 150g Barratt - Milk Bottles, 150g

    Barratt - Milk Bottles, 150g

    Barratt Milk Bottles are the soft and chewy sweet made with real milk, making them a unique and irresistible sweet that you won’t want to put down. These little jelly sweets are adorably shaped...
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  • Barratt - Sherbet Fountain, 25g

    Barratt - Sherbet Fountain, 25g

    A favourite of school kids since 1925, Barratt Sherbet Fountains recently received a significant change to their packaging – the famous cardboard tube being replaced with a plastic one. Shock...
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  • Barratt - Refreshers, 34g

    Barratt - Refreshers, 34g

    Refreshers are the fizzy sweets that dreams are made of! Well, we think so anyways. The multicoloured, disk-shaped sweets fizz in your mouth, leaving a unique tongue-tingling taste.
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  • Barratt - Dolly Mix, 150g

    Barratt - Dolly Mix, 150g

    Dolly Mix is a sweet and tangy sweetie assortment steeped in juicy flavours and a variety of textures. These multicoloured sweeties and jelly drops are made with no artificial colours or...
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