• Kroner Gold - Danish Bacon, 1lb

    Kroner Gold - Danish Bacon, 1lb

    Simply the best back bacon on the market today, British, Irish, or Danish. We source the highest quality hogs fed on a mixture of barley and corn. We then hand trim and cure the loins according to traditional methods and apply a subtle smoke from an...
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  • Weetabix - Chocolate, 24pk

    Weetabix - Chocolate, 24pk

    If you enjoy chocolatey breakfast cereals, but are looking for a healthier option, Weetabix Chocolate is the perfect choice for you. This yummy breakfast treat takes the original Weetabix and adds a helping of delicious chocolate. Low in salt, high in...
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  • Cameron's Potato Scones, 6pk

    Cameron's Potato Scones, 6pk

    Potato Scones (6pk, 5.5oz) Great fried with your bangers & bacon. Note: To guarantee your frozen items arrive in pristine condition, insulated packaging with dry ice will automatically be added to your shipping charges.
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