• Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g

    Nestle - Smarties Pouch, 105g

    Get together with friends, family film night or just for a special treat - share the delicious colourful fun of Nestlé® Smarties® Bag. Yummy smooth milk chocolate covered in colourful...
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  • Nestle - Caramac, 30g

    Nestle - Caramac, 30g

    Nestle Caramac is a light and sweet tasting confectionary bar made with condensed milk. This timeless British treat was first launched in 1959 and is still going strong today. Nestle Caramac is...
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  • Nestle - Smarties Hexatube, 38g

    Nestle - Smarties Hexatube, 38g

    Nestles Smarties have been around forever (okay, since 1882), and these famous sweeties now come in a novel hexagon-shaped tube. The Smarties themselves remain the same: yummy chocolate bites with...
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  • Nestle - Milkybar Medium, 25g

    Nestle - Milkybar Medium, 25g

    Nestle Milky Bar represents the famous Milky Bar in its original format – a timeless white chocolate bar that can be enjoyed by kids and (secretively) adults alike. The Milky Bar has been going...
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  • Nestle - Aero Peppermint, 36g

    Nestle - Aero Peppermint, 36g

    Nestle Aero Peppermint is the minty version of the classic Aero bar, blending the famous melt-in-the-mouth bubbly texture with a delicious minty flavour. This delicious chocolate bar makes a nice...
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  • Nestle - Yorkie, 46g

    Nestle - Yorkie, 46g

    Given that ladies are basically able to claim sole rights to Galaxy chocolate, it seems only fair that men can enjoy a similar monopoly on the Yorkie bar.
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  • Nestle - Milkybar Buttons, 30g

    Nestle - Milkybar Buttons, 30g

    Nestle Milkybar Buttons are a delicious variation of the famous Milkybar. These yummy morsels are perfect for sharing with friends - whether you are in the playground, on a car journey, watching a...
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  • Nestle - Lion Bar, 50g

    Nestle - Lion Bar, 50g

    Nestle Lion bar is a much-loved chocolate bar comprising a satisfyingly chewy blend of caramel, wafer and nougat, all wrapped in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. Whilst many chocolate bars come in a...
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  • Nestle - Milkybar, 90g

    Nestle - Milkybar, 90g

    Deliciously milky and creamy, Milkybar is one of Britain's favourite white chocolate bars! The Nestle Milkybar Block is a generous helping of chocolate that you can share or enjoy all to yourself...
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