Chocolate and Sweets

  • Barratt - Sherbet Fountain, 25g

    Barratt - Sherbet Fountain, 25g

    A favourite of school kids since 1925, Barratt Sherbet Fountains recently received a significant change to their packaging – the famous cardboard tube being replaced with a plastic one. Shock horror! Thankfully, the taste of Barratt Sherbet Fountains...

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  • Barratt- Dip Dab, 23g

    Barratt- Dip Dab, 23g

    For all those with a sweet tooth and a taste for nostalgic sweets, you must try a Dip Dab. This hard-boiled lolly comes with a sachet of zingy sherbet. Lick the strawberry lolly and then dip it in the sherbet to give this sweet an extra kick! It's an old...

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  • Barratt - Dolly Mix, 150g

    Barratt - Dolly Mix, 150g

    Dolly Mix is a sweet and tangy sweetie assortment steeped in juicy flavours and a variety of textures. These multicoloured sweeties and jelly drops are made with no artificial colours or flavouring.

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  • Candyland - Chewy Nougat, 35g

    Candyland - Chewy Nougat, 35g

    Barratt Chewy Nougat is a traditional British confectionary delight comprising soft and chewy vanilla and raspberry nougat infused with tasty peanut pieces. This delicious bar of nougat is made with natural flavours and colours. Trivia time: Nougat is...

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