Chocolate and Sweets

  • Mars - Bar, 51g

    Mars - Bar, 51g

    The Mars Bar is revered as a long standing classic in the UK – it has been available to consumers for over 80 years. The recipe has remained largely unchanged during that time: nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate. Mars Bars are a satisfyingly...

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  • Mars - Bounty Milk , 57g

    Mars - Bounty Milk , 57g

    Mars Bounty is a much-loved milk chocolate bar that somehow manages to remain both quintessentially British and yet thoroughly exotic... Comprising a soft and moist coconut centre that is encased in smooth milk chocolate, the Bounty comes in two pieces...

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  • Mars - Topic, 47g

    Mars - Topic, 47g

    The Mars Topic is one of those somewhat elusive chocolate bars that never quite received the general acceptance of its bigger brothers – the likes of Mars and Snickers. Despite this, the Topic does have its loyal followers. The Topic has been...

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  • Mars - Maltesers Teasers Bar, 100g

    Mars - Maltesers Teasers Bar, 100g

    If you are a fan of the traditional Malteser, then you are bound to love this delicious Malteser Teasers bar. Chunks of your favourite Malteser chocolate is filled with tiny balls of Malteser honeycomb, giving every mouthful a sweet, malty crunch.

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