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Butter and Cheese

  • Caerphilly, 7.5oz

    Caerphilly is an original Welsh cheese that is quite similar in texture to English Wensleydale. Caerphilly differentiates itself by having a higher moisture content than Wensleydale, giving it a more buttery and less crumbly consistency. A young, white,...

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  • Collier's Butter with Sea Salt, 8oz

    Collier’s Welsh Valleys Butter. This butter has a savory flavor from the sea salt, one that particularly appeals to Welsh tastes. The recipe combines freshly churned Carmarthenshire cream with two per cent sea salt which gives a rich, creamy, full...

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  • Guinness Cheddar, 6 oz

    Guinness® Cheddar is the world’s only official Guinness® Cheese. Made with the finest quality ingredients and infused with the distinct taste of Guinness®. Hand crafted using locally sourced cheese, carefully prepared, made...

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  • Saxonshire Cheese, 6.3oz

    England’s favourite regional cheese from 5 counties, layered to perfection. A delicious combination of the Brits five favourite regional cheese Cheddar, Derby, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester and Cheshire layered to perfection, a true taste sensation.  

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  • Snowdonia Cheese Co. - Black Bomber, 7.5oz

    Snowdonia Cheese Company in North Wales creates innovative and award winning cheeses. Using classic bases such as Mature Cheddar or Red Leicester, their blends are refreshingly unique and will certainly add interest to any cheese board. These colorful...

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